Mobile & Android App Development

Mobile $ Android App Development



A Web app or a back-end to Mobile App


An iPhone / iPad App (Excluding Back-end)


An Android Phone / Tablet App (Excluding backend)


  1. Login – The app after downloading asks for login via email or by phone no. Most apps will have this feature. This can be the same as Facebook using email id or phone no. or a social login. Most apps use Facebook login to make it easier for the user.

  2. Profile– Facebook asks for a detailed profile being a social app. Apps can integrate the data from Facebook to create the profile of their user.

  3. Push notifications– This keeps the user updated with what’s new on the app.

  4. Chatbots– It is a user-friendly and trending new way of generating leads and converting sales.Chat-bots are interactive and more engaging from the perspective of a user.

  5. Social Integration Integrating social media platforms makes the app easier to use and more value.

  6. Geo-positioning– For certain apps, geotagging can be an essential feature. For example, apps like Uber work entirely on geo-location.

  7. Payment– For an e-commerce app, this is one of the most important requirements. Even for apps that integrate in-app purchase, having a payment system is needed to complete the purchases

Select the items below which best describe your app and the features you require.

1. How big is your app? Base Days

* Number of developer days for the app core

2. What level of UI would you like? Percentage

* UX/UI design required as a percentage of base app days

3. Users & Accounts Days
4. User Generated Content Days
5. Dates & Locations Days
6. Social & Engagement Days
7. Billing & eCommerce Days
8. Admin, Feedback & Analytics Days
9. External APIs and Integrations Days
10. Security Days
11. App Specific Development Days
Design Day Rate
Developer Day Rate

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